Together We Create.

March 29, 2016 7:15 am

Color in St. Martin


As the first cold snap hits New England, you can pretty much guarantee that I have already booked our winter vacation.  Somehow it makes the snow boots, the ice melt and the static, all bearable.  This year it was St. Martin.  Bright, cultural, delicious St. Martin.  It did not disappoint.  As a design mind – my favorite is always the immediate contrast of leaving a gray city and arriving in the midst of vibrant colors.  It makes me want to paint everything purple and turquoise and green.  Check out below for a bit of our color inspiration…

gray malin

We made a few appearances at the beach before the masses and I got to play around with photographing some of the bright colors while my kids ate baguettes with bacon and drank hot chocolate as thick as lava.

fruit stand

Remember when we rented a jeep and I demanded to take a picture of the fruit stand after a rain storm and I jumped out of the jeep on the highway, stepped in a mud puddle that suctioned up my flip flop and I ran across a highway in front of a mac truck with one shoe on?  I am a one woman traveling show!  And look at those mangoes!


My girls love any tropical location where they can get authentic French Macaroons – and they love it anytime I say “one of each”.

paint job

We spent most nights in Grand Case, eating and then window shopping.  This was my favorite house we stumbled across right next to our favorite restaurant, Spiga.

purple and green bar

This beach bar won the award for brightest all over paint job…

Even the french products were fun and bright.  If I were alone I probably would have bought the whole french convenience store…


And mother nature herself never ceases to inspire, especially when you are near the sea…  These dresses will forever be known as their St. Martin sunsetdresses.  (Sundresses get all the credit, but sunsetdresses are where it’s at!)


All in all a great trip at the Westin Dawn Beach Hotel.    We came back with new friends, new freckles and new energy.  And I think we timed it right as Spring seems to be right around the bend!