Together We Create.

June 2, 2015 12:12 pm



People often think about architecture as what occurs on the outside of a building– when in reality a massive amount of detailing also occurs on the inside of a home. The goal of building a custom home is often to make your life better, easier to live – to turn your life from chaos into organized and streamlined. One of the first steps of building a home or addition is to develop your program, to outline your needs, wants, and dreams. Once these ideals are outlined spaces are planned accordingly. And one of the biggest luxuries of a custom home or a renovation is designing interior built-ins.




Built-ins encompass everything from Living Room bookcases, to Great Room television storage, to Mudroom backpack lockers to Master Bathroom toiletry storage and everything in-between. The sky is the limit with built-ins, and some clients go so far as to count their spice jars – or even measure their shampoo bottles – to make sure that all of their things will have the proper space.




Mixed materials are often used for built-ins now, from painted and stained wood to glass and even meshed metal. The true measure of a successful built-in is the integration with its surroundings. Built-ins should neither be the focal point of the room nor so quiet that they go unnoticed. Without built-ins rooms can often feel over crowded with furniture and chaotic. Built-ins are one of the lynch pins in turning a new home into a custom home.