Together We Create.

June 16, 2015 9:39 am

Renovation of English Barn


Renovation plans are underway to turn this English Barn that was built in the early 1820s into a livable and usable space with modern day conveniences. The clients have asked us to develop it into a multi-functional space that will house a guest suite, entertaining area and an office.


The barn itself was disassembled and moved to it’s current location by horse drawn carts over a hundred years ago. Some pieces got lost in the move, but it is relatively in tact. Certain modifications were made to the structure as it was originally created for a level piece of property whereas here it is a two story structure in the back. 

IMG_20150116_134914644 IMG_20150116_135018775
Our goal is to maintain the rustic integrity of the barn and turn a piece of history into an escape from the adjacent residence.

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