Together We Create.

June 3, 2015 2:03 pm

Architect Ricardo Legorreta


Architecture is everywhere, whether on your way to a meeting in a high rise in the city – or going to a dinner party at a friend’s center-hall colonial. It exists around us and flits in and out of our consciousness. This remains the same for vacation destinations. Most tropical resort architecture comes second to nature. The sea, sand and sun are the real stars. It takes a true visionary to shift your focus elsewhere. To subtly make you realize that a resort should not be silent, yet it should not scream. It should complement its surroundings and blend seamlessly with the environment – and most of all it should honor nature.


Ricardo Legoretta chose the site of the Westin Brisas Hotel in Ixtapa from the Sea and then carved a terraced hotel into the cliffside. There is not a space in the hotel that does not have a breathtaking water view. There is not a moment when visiting that the rhythmic crash of the waves is not part of your vacation soundtrack. Leaving as much of nature unmarked as possible, paths and walkways were carved out into the local flora and fauna and serve as an incentive to take in the natural bounty. From Legoretta’s use of materials, form, space, energy, and palette, this hotel truly embraces everything that Mexico is. This place is more than a hotel, it is a space that has a heartbeat and rhythm all its own.




It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to a visionary such as Ricardo Legoretta. May his designs continue to inspire us all.

“Life is like the waves: to be respected and loved, studied and not fought against.  We must turn them to our benefit in order to reach our goals.” – Ricardo Legoretta