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January 20, 2016 4:11 pm

Road trip to Rockport


When you spend summers on the dunes of Cape Cod exploring the rocky coast of the Massachusetts North Shore is rarely a reality. Thanks to our best lifelong friends we found ourselves on the cliffs of Rockport for the weekend. The perfect off-season escape. Now we can only dream of doing it again when frost bite isn’t a concern.

Everybody had fun exploring the coast.

We found the best shop in downtown Rockport – Lula’s Pantry. A great spot to grab provisions and statement making home accessories – like an octopus trashcan and a gilded turtle box. Not to mention the shop owner discreetly snuck two lollipops in our bag for future bribery.

Lula's Pantry

A great little coffee shop with seating that felt like it was floating over the surf – Bean and Leaf.

Bean Leaf Cafe

And a quaint town for exploring and checking out the flavor of the local architecture.


On our way back home we made a stop at Half-Baked in Beverly – a suggestion by our friend who blogs at The Regurge. Anytime I take Kevin anywhere new I just say that I read about it on The Regurge. The kids approve of anywhere that they get to eat donuts for dessert. All in all a great weekend escape.