Together We Create.

November 18, 2016 12:45 pm

The story of Casita


As I write this I am sitting in my all white, new office, at my grandmother’s table/desk, reggae playing in the background and bare feet in November.  There are fresh baked cookies on the coffee table for visitors – and the fridge is filled with tiny bottles of Prosseco.  Everybody should work like this.


Kevin and I looked at the space that is now Casita once a year for the last four years.  We looked at it to sublet, to rent and to buy.  We looked at it when our kids were in pre-school across the street.  We looked at it before our businesses merged.  In-between each viewing we scoured the market for other retail options.  Other places that felt right.  For us it was so very important to be in Sudbury.  This is our town.  This is the small business community that we want to be a part of.  This is the local flavor that we want to add to.  We never found a space that even came close to this.


In this space we have great windows that overlook Boston Post Road.  A great space for displays and setting a tone for what is inside.  There is a joint conference room, and separate offices for Architecture and Design.  We are together – yet separate – which to us is such a huge part of how our work and personal relationship prosper.  And there is this warmth, this karma in the space.  It used to be a bridal shop.  My office is literally the old bridal dressing room.  I think that energy still prevails.  It is a kind and warm space.


So now that we’re here – what are we going to do?!  Well the sky is the limit in my eyes.  Right now we are a store for home goods, artwork, lighting and small giftables.  We have a big focus on not only fair trade global items but also local artisan products.  But more than just a store – I want this to be a place that people gather.  I want to host book clubs, and workshops.  I want to serve mulled cider and margaritas.  I want to curate art shows and find indie designers to have pop-up shops.  I want this space to be alive.  Not only that – but I want my kids to grow here.  I want them to understand what it means to be a mom and pop shop.  I want them to realize that hard work does pay off.


So on that note – come visit us at 357 Boston Post Road in Sudbury.  We are here Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5.  We are still waiting for a few final touches, but bear with us as we iron out all the creases.  Nothing a smile and a cookie can’t fix.  And a huge heart felt thank you to everybody who supports us and has helped us arrive at this wonderful destination.